Information for

Delegates & Alternates

In response to COVID-19, the Minnesota DFL Party Executive Committee made the decision to move local convention activities away from in-person meetings and instead conduct party business via an online balloting system.


This page contains information for delegates and alternates to the Senate District 41 DFL endorsing convention.

All alternates elected at precinct caucuses will be automatically upgraded to full voting delegates to the virtual SD41 DFL endorsing convention.

What to Expect & Timeline:

Now - April 17

Someone from DFL Senate District 41 will reach out to each delegate to confirm their contact info.

April 25

Delegates will receive their electronic ballots by email. A 2-minute video of each candidate seeking endorsement will be provided with the electronic ballot. Balloting will be by ranked choice, meaning delegates will have the option to rank their top three candidates for endorsement. 

April 25 - May 4

Delegates must complete and submit their ballots during this window. 

If you have any questions or run into any problems, please contact SD41 DFL Chair Jon Rehlander at or 612-968-1088.